Industry Guys Philly: Season 2 Episode 1: Insta-gate

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  1. Replymichelle smith
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ME SOME JACEN with his FINE ASS EUGH WHY IS HE GAY !!!!!! Great show I will be tuned in I just watched all of Season 1. This needs to be on Tv
  2. ReplyDiamondKesawn
    This Season is already off to a good start. The Shade is Real. The Tea is Sweet and The Lives are Full. This is Reality TV at its Finest. #JacenToldMe
  3. ReplyPeanutStylez
    Excited this series is back for second season ... The new guy Chris is one fine man. I love the grey in his bread and his body. Definitely would to schedule a massage with him.

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