Industry Guys ATL | EP 4: Unfavorable Situations

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Nathan plans an event for photographers in the city, but things don't go quite as he planned. Jarvis coordinates spending time with his kids, while his brother Javis deals with a booking situation.  Reggie has a chance to meet DeMariyon, and sample his clothing line. Delvin visits the location for the Mend project only to find out things are nowhere near ready.   Watch More Episodes

Industry Guys Atlanta | S1 Episode 2 ” Working Men”

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Delvin shares his concerns with guys reactions to the Mend project, while Jarvis looks to DeMariyon for help with his branding. Nathan works with his client to take him out of his normal element. Javis struggles with taking a break due to vocal issues, while Reggie plans the launch party for the second season of his show.   Watch Episode 1

Industry ATL | S1 Episode 1: “Say A-Mend”

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This Episode

The fellas all settle into their daily grind in the metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. Delvin shares his new project as a way to connect with all the guys. But his progressive approach is received with question.


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